Harvey Weinstein, About to Be Fired from TWC Board of Directors

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Harvey Weinstein

About to Be Fired

From Board of Directors

10/17/2017 10:36 AM PDT


Harvey Weinstein is about to be fired from the Board of Directors of TWC … literally within minutes of this post … sources connected with the meeting tell TMZ.

We’re told the decision was made days before Tuesday’s meeting … that the company could not survive with Harvey involved in any way.

We’re also told the Board does not feel it’s required to go into mediation or arbitration with Harvey Weinstein … that it has a right to summarily fire him with no appeal from the fallen mogul.

It appears this could end up in litigation, because other connected sources have made it clear Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, Patty Glaser, will file a lawsuit for wrongful termination if the company refuses to submit to arbitration.

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