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Celine Dion Had a Confetti Shower as She Left Paris Because of Course She Did

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All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately that also applies to Celine Dion’s sold-out European fashion concert tour. The singer-turned-Internet’s-favorite-fashion-icon got major love this Paris Couture Week for being not only the most excited person there, but for being one of the best-dressed no matter where she went, thanks to her stylist, Law Roach.

“Celine has no fear,” Roach, who also styles Zendaya, told Vanity Fair. “And when you have that type of energy, you have this attitude that we can do whatever we want, and we don’t care who likes it or dislikes it. Fashion is supposed to be polarizing. It has to be overwhelming.”

Dion has been using Le Royal Monceau hotel as her base during her European tour, and her entrances and exits into the hotel have been well documented—from the times she spent greeting fans outside the hotel to the day she was spotted punching the air in excitement. And, of course, her outfits have all been captured by photographers waiting to see what she’ll wear each day.

On Saturday, though, Dion wasn’t just greeted by fans and photographers eager to catch a glimpse of her outfit. As she got ready to depart the city, she was showered with silver confetti. After all, isn’t that only real way to spend your last hours in Paris?

She was leaving the hotel wearing a pinstriped jacket with matching pants and a crisp white blouse, along with her 6-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy. Suddenly, shiny confetti started raining from the sky—and the resulting photos are pure joy:

Celine Dion and her sons depart from vacation for a family holiday


Celine Dion and her sons depart from vacation for a family holiday


Of course, the internet is loving it too.

She might be leaving Paris, but we’ll see be watching to see what she’s spotted wearing next. As far as we’re concerned though, Celine Dion deserves to be showered with confetti every day.

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