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Chrissy Teigen Posted the Sweetest Videos of Luna Playing the Piano

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Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and their 1-year-old daughter, Luna, aren’t shy about documenting their lives on Instagram and Snapchat—and we’ve been lucky enough to glimpse some pretty special family moments, from Luna raptly watching her dad performing at a concert to the family’s ultra-glam Moroccan vacation.

But Luna’s also had her fair share of her own time in the spotlight during her first months on the planet. She’s learned about about sports firsthand by throwing the opening pitch at the Seattle Mariners game (NBD), and followed in her mom’s modeling footsteps by showing off a selection of the world’s cutest Halloween costumes for the camera.

Other moments Teigen and Legend have captured show off Luna’s budding superstar potential. Back in November, Luna made an appearance in her dad’s music video for his song “Love Me Now.” She’s also been featured on her mom’s Instagram dancing to her dad’s tunes. Yesterday, we got another peek when Teigen posted some pretty adorable Snapchat videos yesterday of Luna showing off her budding piano skills. It’s pretty obvious that she takes after her dad in the musical talent department.

Even Teigen showed off her musical chops—maybe Luna has a thing or two to learn about music from her mom, too.

And while she was posting, Teigen also reminded us just how adorable her daughter is: Luna is running all over the place now with her tiny little legs.

Cute, no? We can’t wait to see if she keeps up the habit, but with her genes, she has quite the head start on her musical career already.

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